Autopilot or Parallel Control Systems


Systems of precision farming

Digitalization of agriculture has widened abroad and is already being implemented in Ukraine.
Precision farming systems –are a complex of various technological sensors operating on the basis of GPS navigation indicators. This gives the farmer the opportunity to perform field work as accurately as possible at the lowest cost.

Precision farming systems are increasingly popular because they use tablets (displays) and smartphones, and it’s very convenient using WI-FI.

There are several directions of precision farming – parallel management systems.
The first step of the agricultural enterprise owner is the installation of parallel driving systems in their agricultural machinery.
There are two main groups of parallel control systems equipment:

course indicators (agricultural navigators);
autopilot systems.

Agricultural navigators

The agricultural navigator for agricultural machinery – is a device which helps to control agricultural machinery with an accuracy of 10–15 cm from row to row, during field work (on a free signal). A paid signal with an accuracy of up to 2 cm can also be used.
The agricultural navigator for agricultural machinery has the following basic set of equipment:

Universal GNSS receiver for satellite navigation
Display with special software installed
Mount for display (tablet) and receiver
Power connection cables
Agricultural navigators (course indicators) come from different manufacturers; the main difference is the accuracy of the antenna and the security of the display (tablet).

TEH KONTROL LLC is an official dealer of the Geometer company which is a manufacturer of Geotrack agricultural navigators. Geotrack agricultural navigators include: a GPS receiver with an accuracy of 15–20 cm from row to row on a free signal and a moisture-dust-proof display (IP68) by 7 inches. There are also more cost-effective options.

Autopilot systems

The tractor autopilot is a device for control of agricultural machinery in automatic or semi-automatic modes with minimal intervention of the driver.

How long does the system pay off?

Precision farming systems make it possible to reduce the cost of fertilizers, fuel, seed, plant protection products, and wages. On average, the payback period is achieved after processing 800–900 hectares For an enterprises with an area of 400 hectares and above, a course indicator (agricultural navigator) pays off in the first season already.

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