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TEH KONTROL LLC – is the largest provider of GPS monitoring systems and of transport and gas station automation solutions.
GPS Monitoring of cargo transportation is an integral part of our life. Logistics companies have a great responsibility, because the addressees want to receive their cargo on time, safe and well.

We were able to develop solutions to increase the efficiency of cargo transportation safety thanks to extensive experience and analytical work.

TEH KONTROL LLC has a number of satellite monitoring solutions for the entire type of transport, namely for fleets engaged in: international transportation; intercity transportation; and other types of transport services.

The benefits of implementing GPS monitoring systems are: saving fuel costs by more than 30 %; increasing worker productivity by 30 %; reducing vehicle repair costs by up to 15 %.

How does it work?

The installation of a GPS monitoring system on a vehicle involves the installation of various sensors: a gps tracker, fuel level sensor, temperature sensor, video monitoring systems etc. Additional modules are installed depending on the task complexity.

The object location is determined using a satellite signal. Sensors are connected to a GPS tracker (equipped with a SIM card) and transmit a signal to the tracker; and the GPS tracker sends signals to a server where customized application is installed.

The GPS Monitoring system works in real time. It determines the exact location up to several meters, which allows you to intervene quickly in case of emergency situations.

All information is stored on the server. The company’s management can receive detailed reports with all the information about cargo transportation for the selected period.

GPS hardware functionality

On-board GPS equipment is designed for processing and transmitting data read from sensors. Its key features are: determination of the exact location, speed, route, stops and parking lots, as well as the technical condition of transport online.

Compactness – the GPS tracker is small in size and weighs up to 300 g. It can be easily mounted on almost any part of the vehicle. It is equipped with a GPS antenna for receiving and transmitting data.

Resistance to temperature conditions: the equipment of GPS monitoring systems can withstand temperatures from -30 to +50°C with a relative humidity of up to 80 %.

The system implements automatic identification of trailers using self-powered tags. The system will recognize the device automatically after the installation of this equipment (in wireless mode) and establish control over it.

Improving the safety of cargo transportation

The use of GPS monitoring systems minimizes the risk of vehicle theft and ensures the safety of the driver and high-valuable cargo. Additionally, we can install a GPS beacon for you (auto-bookmark), which works autonomously in a safe place.

The alarm button - a “hidden button,” installed in a place, which only the driver knows. An alarm signal is instantly transmitted to the remote controller by its pressing.

Remote engine monitoring: - it is designed to monitor the process of turning the engine on and off during parking and stops. If there is an emergency, the dispatcher can turn off the engine remotely.

TEH KONTROL LLC - has a wide range of solutions and implementations of gps monitoring systems for all types of transport.

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