Twisting up the engine hours



Usually, fuel consumption is monitored using standard sensors (engine hour meter, odometer).

Every dishonorable driver knows how get benefit of this and wind up the indicators to steal fuel. It is not possible just to drain the fuel since you need to confirm the fuel consumption with some facts.

One of the most bizarre ways to drain fuel is frauds with an engine hour meter and an odometer. Namely, to simulate working under load. For example, a “skilled” person will bring the engine to 3 thousand revolutions per minute, but the engine will work with no load. This means that fuel consumption will be 10 times less than under load.

And there is a problem now: how to prevent fraud and control the equipment operation.

Fuel monitoring system

TEH KONTROL LLC offers a ready-made solution – fuel monitoring systems, which includes a GPS tracker with a set of sensors.

With this system, you will be able to track the equipment location online using an application on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. A tilt angle sensor is installed on the bucket – so you can see its operation (lowered/raised) and how many cycles the driver has done.

The RIVNEMIR/TKLS digital fuel level sensor –is installed to measure the fuel level in the tank and records fuel drains/refills.

The fuel flow meter - is installed on the fuel line. The deviation rate is very low. The sensor readings are transmitted to the on-board controller. The flow meter shows the actual fuel consumption.

The video monitoring system –4 cameras are installed and connected to the video recorder. It transmits the stream to the GPS monitoring system. You will be able to see the location, mileage, statistics of the work completed. There is also the possibility of online broadcasting and video recording on the server.

Накрутка мотогодин та одометра - система контролю пального ТЕХ КОНТРОЛЬ


As a result, you get a full-fledged GPS monitoring and fuel control system. Thus, the prices for fuel costs are reduced by up to 45 %, the discipline of drivers is improved, and the work is optimized.


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